Affiliate Summit East 2011 FREE Passes for Massachusetts Affiliates

by Mike Chiasson on May 21, 2011 · 2 comments

Affiliate Summit East Gold PassBoy do I have an opportunity for all you Massachusetts affiliates. This TUESDAY, May 24th 2011 there is going to be an Affiliate Summit Meetup in my town of occupation, Fitchburg, MA. In fact the actual meetup will be taking place in a conference room that yours truly has taken many a beatings by management critics and the likes, at my day job.

So here is the deal, I have a few Affiliate Summit East 2011 Gold Passes that were gifted to me by the good folks over at Affiliate Summit. The Affiliate Summit is taking place August 21-23, 2011 in New York City. If you didn’t order your passes yet, well that sucks because the price just went up since you missed the deadline. However you are lucky that with my gifted passes I will raffling them off to affiliates who want to attend the Massachusetts Affiliate Summit Meetup on Tuesday. So if 2 people show up…well you both get a pass. If 10 people show up, you get to battle to the death for the golden tickets, or I suppose we could just draw names.

The retail on these things is like $549, so if you live in Massachusetts or New Hampshire area you should probably get off your ass and come hang out.

I Hate Boston, Do I Really Need To Drive Into Boston To Hang Out?

Nope. Fitchburg is like 40 minutes west of Boston. Considered to be North Central Massachusetts, parking is free, and traffic will be significantly less than Boston.

Do You Have A Guest Speaker?

Nope. No speaker for this meetup, just a casual event to come and talk shop. I’m more than willing to show some tips and tricks if the attendees want but I didn’t line up some guru to come pitch a product to you like at 90% of affiliate meetups.

Cost Any Money?

Nope. Free all the way around. Just show up and hang out. I’ll even grab some sodas or something.

Do I Have To Attend To Get A Pass?

Yes. I’m only going to give the pass to actual people that show up.

I Have To Work On Wednesday!! Will I Be Out Late?

Not necessarily. I scheduled the meetup until 8:30ish but if anyone wants to go grab a drink or something after that time I am down but feel free to ditch at any time.


YES! I have limited seating and if I had to I have larger facilities we could go to but would need to know in advance. Right now the event should be PRETTY SMALL (like if you show up you have a 200% chance of winning a pass). So if you are interested just hit up this Facebook Event page and say you are attending. If you don’t have Facebook email me and let me know, mc [at] mikechiasson dot com.


On a side note. I already have my trip planned for ASE 2011. If you are going hit me up and we can meetup.

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Brian Hawkins May 21, 2011 at 9:08 pm

I'm giving up softball night for this. Looking forward to talking strategy and taking home a free pass.

David Polykoff June 2, 2011 at 2:10 pm

I think putting them in a candy wrapper would have been WAY cooler.

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