All Your Pops Are Belong To Us – New PPV Spy App Out

by Mike Chiasson on December 10, 2010 · 1 comment

After countless tweets coming from the @bevoryan camp on Twitter, the news has finally broke. For the past few months we saw the tweets challenging people to pitch some new product ideas for the Bevo Media app marketplace. Apparently one of those requests has met its maker, because this morning Ryan Bukevicz announced ‘PPV Spy’.

Check out the preview video that was released!

Bevo Media PPV Spy from Ryan Bukevicz on Vimeo.

Bevo Media PPVSpy Tutorial from Ryan Bukevicz on Vimeo.

You can’t see much besides a few keypoints and the prices within the Bevo Media site but here is a screenshot.

Bevo Media PPV Spy

The Pricing

There are two options for the pricing, in addition each one also requires you to have a ‘Verified’ account for $20 a month.

  • Monthly Subscription to Bevo Media PPV Spy: $385 a month
  • Lifetime Subscription to Bevo Media PPV Spy: $999 single payment

What Does It Do?

From the initial video and my reports with people who bought it, it lets you search through URLs, both targets and sites that it found as hosts for pops. It will then display the landers, offers, destinations, popularity, and keywords for each.


Yeap definitely for real. My sources, although extremely pissed off at my non stop texting, have confirmed that Bevo has several of their affiliate landing pages indexed and marked very accurately within the app. Although we haven’t performed extensive testing we have been unable to locate any of our current Traffic Vance campaigns within the program. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the app doesn’t support it, perhaps we just have nasty micro targetting!

Are We All Screwed?

No not at all. There are spy apps out there for almost every other medium…hell Facebook even lets you view all the targetted ads out there. This will do a few things, make microniches even more popular and drive up the costs on the profitable campaigns. If you are a new beginner to PPV this won’t kill your small campaigns…if you are a baller…you are done.

Is It Worth The Money?

Just using the tool isn’t going to make you a millionaire. It will definitely save you hours upon hours of actually doing keyword research but not necessarily actually show you the converting offers. I’ve already met several people who want to get it but can’t afford the tool. Those who have bought it aren’t disappointed yet. If you look at the current state of Bevo Media I think you have a lot to look forward to also. They recently redid their revenue structure, WAAAAAY better now, and I would imagine they will continue to make features available to the crying masses.

I think its safe to predict that this service will incur several micro versions that are available as future addons. For example, you might end up getting a free spy for only 1 network, included with your verified account. If you think that’s a good idea, go ahead and pitch it to the Bevo team. They really seem to act on feedback!

Are There Other Free PPV Spies Out There?

There were a few being pitched on private forums and it seems Bevo bought them all out to produce this program. If you missed the beta tester requests, it looks like this is the only option out there right now.

Can We Block Our Landers From Being Spied On?

I’ve already talked to about 3 people who are whipping out tools to try and block this (think LP Lockdown style). In theory this is definitely possible but will require some development. For the time being…no.

Where Can We Get Bevo Media PPV Spy?

You can sign up for a free account at Bevo Media and go to the app section within and purchase it.

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ctrtard December 10, 2010 at 9:15 am

I'm accepting beta testers for PPV Spy Blocker. I will be limiting my tool to 50,000 users.


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