Fail Campaign Friday: Glee PPV

by Mike Chiasson on March 22, 2013

Another Friday another funny failed campaign. Who would’ve thought that people wouldn’t sign up for CPA offers just because it had their favorite TV Show actors on it?

A while back I was working on some projects on my computer and my wife had a friend over. It was a young girl she used to baby sit who was probably 18-19 at the time. My wife is about 7 years older than the girl or so. I was a little surprised that they, well they had A LOT of things in common. One of which was they loved watching the TV show ‘Glee’. The show itself follows a diverse group of kids who sing in a glee club at their highschool.

Seeing that there was a pretty diverse range of people who were really into the show, I thought it might be a good area to target some ads to.

I opted for PPV pops to promote some different campaigns. Unfortunately Glee kind of has a diverse following, so I really wasn’t sure who or what to make ads about. The demographics according to sites like Quantcast show that in general has higher women visitors and ages 18-34 are their major demo.

Glee Demographics

So I did what anyone would do, pushed a bunch of different landing pages and wanted to see what happened.

The Landing Pages

Whenever I am testing campaigns I have a goal. Test as fast as possible for the least amount of work needed. Hence you have extremely crappy landing pages just trying to judge interest. If things work well, then I usually crank out better copy, better content, etc. The idea here is, I don’t want to waste time on something that isn’t going to work. So below are my super amazing 5 minute landers.

Biz Opp based landing page.

Biz Opp based landing page.

This Business Opportunity lander was a pun on the character Puck’s side business in the show of cleaning pools. I wasn’t expected much from this one, but you never know until you test it.

Geo Tagged Dating Landing Page

Geo Tagged Dating Landing Page

This was the lander I had the most hope for. It was a dating lander which used the Maxmind Geo scripts to dynamically find the user’s city (in my case “Groton”) and add that into the copy. The lander also had numerous nuances of the show in it, referencing Lima, OH, etc. This was the top performing click through landing page. As a side note, this lander targets singles who are women. So you already potentially cut your viewers in half. I also ran one targeted to males.

Penny Auction Landing Page

Penny Auction Landing Page

I never really pushed Penny Auctions but thought it was a good offer to try and send some general audiences to. Sadly the viewers disagreed. This offer had very little traction.


Of the six various offer landing pages I created I didn’t generate a single lead. Click throughs were extremely low.

Glee Landing Page Stats

Glee Landing Page Stats (landing page | Views | Click Throughs | CTR)

Landing page #2 was the highest CTR so I let that one continue on for more impressions and still had no luck.

Why It Failed

I really didn’t have the highest hopes when I launched this campaign. It was kind of on a whim and I really didn’t put much work into it. I didn’t really research the demographics as well as I should have and I was targeting people by URLs like . I think people more familiar with the TV niches would easily explain that when people are going to URLs like that, they aren’t in a ‘browsing’ mode where PPV pops can interrupt them as well as other niches. More than likely the users visiting my various URLs were trying to watch episodes and if anything I should have been being pushing them to some sort of internet TV offer.

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