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by Mike Chiasson on July 8, 2010 · 3 comments

Welcome! Today I am going to share something that not too many people actually do. I am going to give you an IN DEPTH review of a PPV campaign I ran on DirectCPV. I am going to share with you 99% of EVERY PART of the campaign! The one thing that is going to be left out is going to be the end results. I actually am sharing those as well, but they aren’t going to be listed here, they are going to be on the Super Affiliate Twin’s Internet University page! On their site I am keeping a small journal and documenting a lot of my crazy Internet Marketing techniques and I decided to thank Ryan, John, & Richard’s helpful advice by sharing my results with other members of Internet University.

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Here we go!

(*before anyone calls bullshit I did edit my DirectCPV ad spend screenshot to delete all the other offers I currently am running…all numbers listed are 100% legit)

Hi everyone, I know there has been a lot of buzz and activity with the PPV area and a lot of people are starting to reference PPV attempts in their journals. I wanted to share with you an experience of mine from May of 2010.  I’m going to provide the offer I was promoting, the exact landing page I was using, and the exact results I received.

Unfortunately I waited too long to really dig these stats up and I can’t give you 100% precise numbers in reference to direct vs. landing page conversions but I can give you a pretty good idea.

You can first hand see some things that worked and some things that didn’t. Hopefully this post can shed some light onto some techniques that can be more helpful in PPV advertising.

The Offer
The offer I was promoting was called ‘Quality Health | Zip Submit’ and was offer 8594 on AzoogleAds. The offer converts when a visitor submits their zipcode information on a 1 field submit on the first page. The payout was $.95 per lead.

I picked this offer because it sounded VERY easy to convert on, and I thought it might be a quick sell. The offer basically tells people that they might be eligible to receive some free trials of things. I was planning on promoting on a pretty big site and so I did very little keyword/demographic research.

The Campaign
The campaign was VERY simple. It was being promoted on the network DirectCPV and was targeting two major URLs(well 4 really). The URLS were:


These were the only two URL targets however I also submitted each a 2nd time and added a slash after them (ie: craigslist.org/) because DirectCPV for whatever reason counts that as a second URL and the bids can be higher/lower for it. If you don’t do this you can still receive traffic from it…so its kind of weird, I just always do it.

The root domain was obviously Craigslist, and the 2nd domain was their ‘For Sale/Free’ section. I picked this as a good bid because people were obviously looking for free crap anyways if they were there, so why not?!?

I bid $.03 as a max bid for each of these campaigns and I wasn’t the #1 bidder but still hit my max view that I set it to cap out each day. I originally started with $5 a day caps and moved up to $25 in my later testing before stopping the campaign (ignore the limits in the screenshots those were changed afterward).

In retrospect I should have bid just $.01 and I still would’ve hit my views from Frequency caps of others and such.

I learned a lot about tracking from this campaign. At the time I didn’t have a Prosper installation or any sort of cloaking software so my affiliate network saw exactly where all my links were coming from.

I began to want to know if one of the two domains was converting more than the other. I edited my campaign within DirectCPV to change the destination URL (where my landing page was) to the following:


That bit of code on the end of that url the ?subid={{vurl}} part created a variable that gets passed along to my site. The variable would be called ‘subid’ and its value would = {{vurl}}. the VURL tidbit is a piece of code that DirectCPV replaces with the URL you are bidding on (this is unique to their system, each network has their own).

This would send someone to my website and pass on what URL they accessed that triggered my popup.

I then used to the following code in my PHP landing page. (*Note that although it was a PHP landing page, I really don’t know anything about PHP I just wanted to be able to pass that subid. I added this code and renamed it .php instead of .html):

<? echo $_GET[‘subid’] ?>

What this code did was place the ‘subid’ value into my HTML/PHP code. So my full link looked something like

<a href=”http://jumplinkurl.com/?sub=<? echo $_GET[‘subid’] ?>>Click Here </a>

So it made it that my jumplink had the subid attached onto it. I could then look at my Azoogle stats and see what was converting and what URLs were not.

In retrospect I don’t recommend doing this. It makes it really easy for a network to know ALL your secrets I found it helpful and unfortunately I don’t know of any software that masks them for you to see what worked and what doesn’t without sharing it with the network as well.

Landing Page
I ran two separate campaigns where everything was the same thing except the landing page. One was direct linking and the other would go to a split testing landing page.

The direct link of the offer has since changed but you can get an idea of what it looks like now at

My landing pages were all pretty similar and this is the one that had the BEST results. I was averaging a conversion 1 out of every 3.5 visitors who clicked through from this landing page.

PPV Landing Page Example

SIMPLE HUH? I went with a reader misconception idea here to gain their trust. I basically took the EXACT craigslist template and made it my own…actually I literally went to Craigslist.org and saved the source of a page and just edited it lol. It took maybe 30 seconds?

Now what is important to understand that DirectCPV is intersital ads. This means that instead of it being a pop up it displays ontop of a webpage and alerts the user at the top that this is an ad. My goal was to really hope they didn’t pay any attention to the ad and that they just click through to the page.


The part everyone is waiting for.

Well here is the ad spend from my two campaigns. Now first of all, this was my FIRST PPV attempt and I thought it went well. It is slightly misleading because I funded my account with $100 originally and received a $50 bonus. So I was pretty ‘generous’ with my trials since I was working with $50 free.

DirectCPV Ad Spend

I had a total spend of about $178 – $50 of the offer and I was in about $128 of my own cash.

Here is a screenshot of my Azoogle account this month (please ignore all the other offers they were basically where they sent non US traffic). I was only promoting this offer that month (well and I did a $20 buy on Facebook for that nail offer lol).

See The Full Unedited Screenshot of my Azoogle Account From This Campaign

*DELETED 5 Lines of results text that you can see exclusively on my journal at Internet University!


It should also be noted that this PPV experiment was performed on a SHARED HOSTING option that I have with Dreamhost. I have since purchased a dedicated server for my PPV campaigns. In certain instances I noticed a VERY large drop off of what was reported from my PPV vendor to my Analytics results. You can read a quick case study about this at HERE . The lander I was referencing was my 15kb page, so I saw about an 87% view rate from what was reported by the PPV vendor. That still means that of my $178 ad spend 13% or $23 was completely useless to me. I credit this to people closing my page before it loaded.

I hope everyone liked this case study and I hope my openness of the offer/results/techniques helps us all get to where we are going! I would really love to hear/see what others have been working on!

And sorry if you think this was linkbait, I really did share 95% of the campaign, just if you want to see the full fruits of my labor you have to go check out the Super Affiliate Twins’ Internet University. It’s just $5 for a 1 day subscription!

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Mike Chiasson Mike Chiasson is the Director of IT for a publicly traded company by day and an Internet Marketer by night. He absolutely hates the words 'serial entrepreneur' but loves discussions about business. You can follow him on Twitter.

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Profit Addiction July 8, 2010 at 5:57 am

I'm going to assume it went well for you, so congrats!


sgt.brutal July 23, 2010 at 9:13 pm

Converted @ 1 out of every 3.5 visitors – not very difficult to figure out.


Mike July 23, 2010 at 9:22 pm

That was when they clicked through. How many clicked through?!? 🙂


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