How Effective Are No Control Videos for Marketing?

by Mike Chiasson on June 10, 2010 · 1 comment

Looking for some advice here. It seems that EVERYONE now a days is using these no control videos to promote products that they are marketing online. I am assuming that these work good. If you look at one of the top Click Bank products Truth About Abs you can see they basically send users to a video that is XX minutes long. I really have no idea how long the video is because I refuse to watch it, it might be like 2 hours long.

Truth About Abs

As a consumer I really don’t care how great and amazing your product is, I’m just not going to waste my time if I can’t atleast see a scrollbar or timer to see how long a video is going to be. I really love seeing that a video might be like 3-5 minutes long and if I don’t feel like listening to one part I just scroll through.

There are tons of successfully marketed products out there that don’t do this and I think a lot of them do REALLY well. I wanted to talk about this real quick after receiving an email from Mark Roth over at Offervault about a girl who makes $10,000 from her iPhone. They had a ‘click here’ to see link in the email. Sure I will watch it. Now I’m sure its interesting as hell but I immediately saw no video controls and closed the window. I simply refuse to waste some unknown portion of my life watching your upsell, sorry.

So lets hear from some of you. What do you think of using videos to make sales that don’t have video controls. Have you had good luck or bad luck?

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Slave Rat June 10, 2010 at 11:05 pm

No data here. What I can share is that there are companies out there (at least one!) that do an AMAZING job at creating funny and interactive little presentation videos that you will watch even if they are 20 minutes long – because they keep you engaged with simple questions and really funny banter when you make a selection. If you have a launch in mind, I can dig up the name of the company or ask around the folks that were in direct contact with them – their stuff was brilliant (Aimed at corporate clients, though, so mucho moolah).

In a way, what I'm talking about is the complete opposite of the no-control videos – You have complete control!

Another comment on TruthAboutAbs, Fat Burning Furnace and a host of others… Have you noticed its all about "Weird tricks?" and "Strange tips", "Odd methods"… I'd classify it as "The Unexpected Strangeness pitch". Its everywhere.

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