Listing of Commission Junction’s Pay Per Call Offers

by Mike Chiasson on April 28, 2010 · 1 comment

The other day I was reading a post on AMNavigator’s site about CJ’s (fairly new) pay per call system. He did a pretty good review of it and for that I thank him. However he didn’t really tell us what offers CJ had available. Now if you use sites like Offerbuzz or Offer Vault you might be able to browse some networks but it looks like both of these sites haven’t linked up with CJ’s call system just yet. So here I am reading an interesting article but all kinds of questions in my head on what good offers might be available. So I took the jump and signed up for their program. I am already a CJ affiliate but have yet to turn a dime with them. It doesn’t help that they only accept me into horrible ass programs. I actually have a good friend who works there and they still reject me lol. So needless to say they are looking for only quality relevant leads, can’t hate them for that.

After about 24 hours I was accepted into the pay per call program and got to browse their offers. Now most of these request that you have someone on the phone for XX amount of minutes. Ok thats fine we get that. However some of the payouts are absolute jokes for the time you need vs what the product is. With such a small offering right now you can see the ones that have an EPC (per 100 calls that is) in the $200+ range while others are like $30. Guess what, your program is dead pal, lol.

I really like the idea, and I’m definitely going to work on some verticals next month. Might be a big area to capitalize on. Or it might be a big flop. Anyways here is a big screen shot of all the offers they have available, enjoy!

Offers Available from CJ Pay Per Call

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Derek May 18, 2010 at 6:38 pm

I signed up for CJ pay-per-call and was approved. Until I read this post, I completely forgot I was accepted.

So, I went ahead and logged in to see some of the offers. 35 total offers so far. I hope it continues to grow. Now you sparked my interested in trying to promote these offers again 🙂

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