PPV RON Traffic Still Proves Useless

by Mike Chiasson on September 10, 2011 · 4 comments

The other day cleaning out my email I saw an email from DirectCPV saying that they had RON (Run of Network) traffic available with their intersitial popups at $4 per thousand views. Thats more than 50% off standard pops so I figured it would be good for a quick test. I had a few hundred bucks sitting in my Direct CPV account and thought it might make some use of it since I don’t run too much traffic with them anymore.

I’ve never worked with RON before but really heard nothing but bad news about it. Its essentially untargetted traffic that is ‘left over’ because no one else wants it. Since its so random you really can’t get too complex with what offers to pitch. I decided I would do the most logical thing and completely throw shit at the wall and see what stuck. I was going to write a fancy script to rotate in all kinds of banners and links but then saw a link on Luke Kling’s blog about Peerfly Banners.


Peerfly is an affiliate network that has a pretty HUGE inventory of various email submits. If you are interested in seeing what they got Click Here To Check Out Peerfly! What I really liked is that they have a few tools to help you out with campaigns. One of which was the Peerfly Banners program.

The Peerfly Banners program is basically a small portal that lets you select which offers you want to promote by selecting categories and then choosing what size banners you want. It then generates a javascript code that you can place on your page that will automatically rotate in all the selected category banners. This is AWESOME for placing on sites you aren’t sure how to monetize. You can easily let it run for a week and then see what people were clicking on and what was converting…INSTANT DEMOGRAPHIC RESEARCH!

I had the idea though to buy some cheap traffic and arbitrage it through this program. Now let me state that I have the nasty habbit of sharing ideas I get at like 3 AM after drinking excess amounts of soda at night on this blog. So sometimes things aren’t always pretty and clean, but the theory is there. I also have the problem that when things are small I typically don’t pay much attention to them. This campaign could’ve been optimized a bit more by adding some lander audio, some more PHP inserts, etc. Anyways, lets look at the landers I used!

Peerfly Lander 1 - Two Offers on the page with an exit option.

Peerfly Lander 1 - Two Offers on the page with an exit option.

Peerfly Lander 2 - One Offer on the page with an exit option.

Peerfly Lander 2 - One Offer on the page with an exit option.

Peerfly Lander 3 - One 425x600 Offer, No Exit Option

Peerfly Lander 3 - One 425x600 Offer, No Exit Option

What I basically did was offer 3 landers up. Each was pretty basic. The first one I wanted to play the numbers game, give the user a couple of choices. They basically got to pick one of the two banners and they also had an option to exit the page (Pssst. this was really another affiliate link trying to scavenge traffic). With the DirectCPV adware technology users can’t really ‘exit’ out of the page as easily as normal pop ups so I’ve had some REALLY good luck with ‘click here to exit’ options before. I am well aware that offering a user another option is typically not the best idea.

The second lander only had one 350×250 banner on it. I just wanted to try limiting the user’s options and see how that went.

The third lander had a single 425×600 banner on it and no Exit option at the bottom.

The Results

Well, after $52.43 in spend I should’ve received about 13,107 impressions. DirectCPV reported the full 13,107 where my tracking system picked up just over 8,000. So right off the bat I lost about 40% of my RON traffic. This could be due to multiple things but bottom line it was all wasted cash if I didn’t see any page loads from it. (*Note I was using Maxmind Geo Script and external Peerfly banners which may have slowed the page load down.)

The ‘Exit Option’ at the bottom of landers 1 & 2 had a 10% CTR on Lander 1, and a 7% CTR on Lander 2.

As far as click throughs on the actual offers go, I had 730 clicks (about 9% CTR!) spread over 180 different offers! I would say about 80% of those offers were email submits. Of those 730 clicks… ZERO Conversions!

I don’t attribute the 0 conversions to the network or the banner program, more simply the fact that most of the users were probably just trying to close the inner window popup and thought by clicking through it would. It was pretty common to see the same user clicking through on both offers when looking in my tracking logs.

What Sort of Traffic Was It?

When I was trying to do a bit of research I really couldn’t find too many people sharing details about RON traffic so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I ended up getting a ton of traffic from absolute shit sites that literally looked like they were bots just scraping keywords in different search engines. There was also a fair amount of porn in there lol. I extracted the full list of keywords and uploaded it in an excel list if you are interested in seeing them.

CLICK HERE To Download Direct CPV RON Traffic Keywords/URLs

Learn Anything?

Yeah, RON sucks. Seriously, 730 clicks over 150+ fucking email submits and not even one asshole entered an email address?!?


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Mike Chiasson Mike Chiasson is the Director of IT for a publicly traded company by day and an Internet Marketer by night. He absolutely hates the words 'serial entrepreneur' but loves discussions about business. You can follow him on Twitter.

Scott September 10, 2011 at 12:11 pm

I saw a post somewhere where someone else did a RON on DCPV. What they did was use a Facebook APP as the offer. They figured that most people had FB open anyway & it would be easier to convert.

I don’t think it was profitable, but they did get conversions.

CTRtard September 14, 2011 at 4:27 am

I've never tested RON so I'm digging this post. The spreadsheet with targets is icing on the cake, thanks for including that! I'm thinking that's where the real value lies: getting ideas for targets.

Popping on some dogshit targets like "http://www.thefloridatravel.com" could conceivably pay off with some generic offers, more focused testing, and perhaps another PPV netwkr 😉 I'm also thinking list building might work. Then just mail them with the same generic submits later.

As you suggested, I think your Maxmind and other JS was killing your pop speed. But who knows by how much.

Luke September 19, 2011 at 9:15 am

Appreciate you testing out PeerFly Banners and really appreciate the feedback 🙂

Soviet affiliate November 9, 2011 at 3:43 pm

One thing you should all understand before trying to optimize something for RON. It is 90% bot traffic.
Now good luck.

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