Sooo Many Guru Products – Value vs. Price vs. Marketing, Review

by Mike Chiasson on May 6, 2010 · 2 comments

Today I want to talk a few minutes about the constant influx of so called ‘guru’ products that are launched each week in the affiliate marketing industry. I get to see a lot of these, well, because I am a prime candidate for them. I know enough about affiliate marketing to have an idea but not enough that I don’t need help still. That’s where all the master affiliate products come in. So let’s take a look at a few that I’ve eyed recently and I will sum up what I am thinking about them.

Shoemoney System

Shoemoney System affiliate marketing program

This is Jeremy Shoemaker’s big thing right now. It is essentially his tell all guide where he shares his secrets on how to succeed in affiliate marketing. The site boasts that there is little reading and a lot of easy to follow video. Now let’s face it, Jeremy definitely knows his shit. So if someone is going to show you how to succeed it might as well be him right? Well I have a few doubts and I really think they are warranted. First lets keep in mind that Jeremy also runs the Shoemoney Tools area on his site. So having a program like this is a great way to feed future users into that program. But we have seen this before… Like a year ago or so Jeremy had a program called the Shoemoney Xtreme Internet Marketing Guide. It was intended to be an 11 week program where you would sign up for free and get a PDF in emailed to you each week. I signed up for it, and it had some GREAT info in it. However that ended up dying out like 9 weeks into it or something. So…how long will this program last?

It basically costs $199 a month and it’s not like you can grind away and learn everything in a month. They only release certain videos after xx amount of days. They make the claim that this is so you can sink the information in. This makes sense, but for some of us, we don’t want to wait until month 3 to actually get to the level we might be on. For all I know Jeremy might get lazy and quit after month 6, who knows. I ended up signing up for a $5 15 day trial just to check it out and hopefully grab some of the promoted $2,500 in free advertising coups…only to learn that you don’t get those coupon codes until a specific lesson. Oh and they don’t actually clarify all the coups, so it might be like $100 facebook credit, and $2,400 credit. Anyways I’m planning on canceling before the trial is over. To me this method is just not worth the $200 a month to have limited access. It seems like it might be a great place to start for complete newbs though.

*Notes for affiliates. Shoemoney System is a listed product on Clickbank. If you link to your own affiliate hoplink through it you could essentially reduce the cost to around $100 per month. Also the Shoemoney Xtreme program is up and running again if you are looking for some helpful free info.

List Playbook

List Playbook is a new email marketing product by Brian EvansList Playbook is the new item from Brian Evans over at Daily Conversions. Brian’s product claims to perform one on one training to a very limited program. I’m not sure of the exact amount of people allowed in, but I want to say 20 at a time. In theory you could receive some extremely large amounts of attention and advice from Brian. Now some people might say “Brian who?” Although he is not exactly top of the list off Aff Buzz you can follow his blog for a little while and realize that he has some of the best advice I’ve read out there. His product is specifically aimed at Email List Building and Marketing and comes with a high price tag, $500 a month.

Now common sense dictates that a product like this is too much for some of us small players. However when you think price vs value in your head, you really have to question…”Damn $500 a month, this must be a good program”. I spoke to Brian the other day and he let me know he was filling his first group up pretty fast. Brian normally charges $5k to consult for a company so to get his knowledge for this price could be a real bargain. So if you have the $500 and want to see what it can get you, be sure to visit List Playbook.

*Affiliate note, Brian’s program currently doesn’t advertise any affiliate commission but I’m sure if you have traffic to send him he might be willing to work something out.

Internet University With the Super Affiliate Twins

Internet University with the Super Affiliate TwinsOk Gary and his cohorts are one of my new favorite blogs (see Super Affiliate Twins). They have been posting gem after gem as far as content goes on their blog. It has seriously opened my eyes to some marketing ideas I had seen or thought of but wasn’t sure how to get involved. They have now launched their own small group training program as well, called the Internet University. Now I am loving their marketing efforts on this. First of all they teamed up with John Volk to do a webinar to launch the event the other day. Anyone who doesn’t know, John has skyrocketed his subscriber and email list well over 10,000 users in the past few months with his affiliate marketing guide and quality blog posts. So teaming with a well connected guy like John was a great idea!

So anyways, John promotes the university and offers users a 20% off 1st month coupon. Mind you John in return probably receives a full month or so of commission, fair enough for a lead. But to top it off Gary has on his site the price listed PER DAY! I LOVE IT! This is mind tricks 101 everyone and I wouldn’t be surprised if his guru product does better than everyone elses! They plainly list the price as $3.22 a day! They don’t even mention the monthly cost lol, which is $99  a month. I really can’t get over how well I expect that to work out for them, who wouldn’t pay $3.22 a day for a product!?! I spend more than that on Soda most days.

*Affiliate note, the Internet University also currently has their own private affiliate program, you can sign up for it on their page if you are interested.

So What Will I Pay For?

Well like I said, I signed up for the Shoemoney 15 day trial and fully plan on cancelling. List Playbook is really relative to me right now because I have really been trying to build email lists, but the price is a little too high for me. Internet University is a hot item to me, I am going to sign up using the John Volk 20% off and give it a try for at least a month for a few reasons. One, John is sending me to the Playboy Mansion with Azoogle, so if I can get info I need and get him a little kick back, its all good. Two, the information I’ve gotten off the twins’ blog has already been worth the $100 in cash to me, so if anything I am just paying them back. Although I haven’t spoken to them to see if they are running a similar setup to Jeremy’s (ie: limited info at one time) I am willing to take the jump. I will report back on my progress.

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Mike Chiasson Mike Chiasson is the Director of IT for a publicly traded company by day and an Internet Marketer by night. He absolutely hates the words 'serial entrepreneur' but loves discussions about business. You can follow him on Twitter.

NegBox May 19, 2010 at 12:14 am

Thanks for the quick review… I'm leaning towards signing up to the PPC Coach… We'll see. I really have enough info that I'm not sure I need (or can use) more. I'm on the verge of Analysis Paralysis.

I have to think its a common experience to start viewing these offers as dubious.

Step 1) You come in excited and sign up for everything in sight

Step 2) Bump against the wall

Step 3) Receive a zillion offers from all the gurus you signed up with in Step 1

Step 4) Lose faith in their honesty

Mike Chiasson May 20, 2010 at 6:27 am

Nice blog. Very Professional. Keep representin' the name.

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