The PPV Secret No One Bothered To Tell You About

by Mike Chiasson on February 2, 2011 · 28 comments

Before I started working with PPV all the experts told me to do some market research about how they work and what works. Other affiliates and even my affiliate managers all suggested the best way to do this was to was to install the adware applications on your own computer and just surf around a bit and look at what pops up. Smaxor from A4D actually made a comment on a webinar saying something like “if you don’t have gamevance installed on every computer you own you are just throwing away money.” I agreed and began installing pop up software and didn’t really notice much of a change. I would see one pop a day if I was lucky.

Then a discussion got struck up over at Internet University (now Millionaire Mentors launching soon) about people’s lack of pops. Fortunately one fellow was kind enough to share a little tip that someone over at the largest PPV company, Traffic Vance, had shared with him. While most of us would simply go install the GameVance toolbar to start seeing pop ups, there was a secondary toolbar out especially for advertisers to get to scope out the competition. I heard rumors that this version has been around per request of some of the higher end advertisers. Either way I don’t think TrafficVance cares if people use it, after all they end up making more money!

This toolbar functioned quite similar to the original one in every aspect….except instead of seeing the Gamevance max of like 4 pop ups a day, you see a constant flurry of pop ups. This is useful for a few reasons. You have a MUCH easier way to look at several competing ads in a shorter period of time. You can notice what offers are being promoted and where. Lastly you can use to cost your competitors some cash if that’s your thing.

Gamevance PPV Pop Ups

Go from a few per day, to several per hour!

So why am I sharing this with everyone? A few weeks back I had commented on a post over at PPV Playbook and referenced this ‘special’ install. I thought nothing of it really seeing as how I’ve had it since before I was even advertising on PPV. Then when I got 20+ emails/pms about my small comment I realized that people want this thing. I already had one person email me and say that having this would be better than having the PPV Spy from Bevo Media.

Some Quick Disclaimers

  1. When I downloaded this file it was from a GameVance download screen so I know it came right from their website.
  2. I do not have that link anymore so the best I can do is upload the .exe (well in a zip format) to my server.
  3. I’m not into distributing virus/trojans but obviously one has to suspect that running an exe there are risks. Feel free to install on a Virtual Machine or something, but leave the crying off the blog.
  4. I didn’t make this and no way claim credit for its awesomeness. Just passing it along.
  5. I wouldn’t recommend installing this on your main machine because it literally gets so annoying surfing with pops every few minutes.

So get out there, spy on your competition, don’t cost me too much money in wasted pops, and let me know your results with it. I think my highest count was like 8 pops in an hour or something (when I was reading message boards!).


UPDATE: After finishing up some meetings this morning I made it back to some very disgruntled emails from certain *unnamed* companies requesting removal of this information and toolbar. Rightfully so I do not own any copyright to the rapidshare links that were provided earlier and have removed them per their request. Fortunately everything else above isn’t owned by them so I will happily leave this information available that the tool exists and can be helpful to us as advertisers. Happy torrent hunting!

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