Upgraded My Photoshop And How You Can Get Adobe Photoshop For Free

by Mike Chiasson on January 8, 2013

Back when I was in high school and first got Americal Online (AOL) I was hungry to download illegal files. MP3s were very popular among people in school, but programs were the things I was really excited about. Many people made it into some sort of contest how many Gigabytes of items could they download. This was well before the music industry really cracked down on illegal file sharing and programs protection methods were really weak.

I never used half of the programs I downloaded but I would always download the latest versions of:

Photoshop 6 (circa 2000)

Photoshop 6 (circa 2000)

  • Microsoft Office
  • 3D Studio Max (now Autodesk)
  • Poser
  • Microsoft Frontpage
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Macromedia Flash (now also Adobe)
  • Dreamweaver

Basically my goal was to have the biggest dollar value of pirate software I could, even if I never even launched the program. When I went to college I actually was pretty well versed in Flash and made Photoshop /Dreamweaver a regular part of my day (It is even more so now). For years I had been using a boot let copy of Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3) that I had downloaded from some torrent site a while back. A few months ago when I upgraded to Windows 8 I loaded up my external hard drive and was about to install the old reliable CS3 but then thought about it.

I make significantly more money now than I did years ago and maybe it was time to look at purchase the real/newest version.

Welcome to Creative Cloud

Adobe has all kinds of different levels of their Creative Suite that you would have to decide upon, based of which software you needed. Their prices range from $1,300-$2,600 for an entire package. Personally I opted to do the SAAS model where you pay monthly on a subscription basis. I signed up for the $50 a month plan (with a year contract) and now have the newest CS6 versions of everything.

Adobe CS Pricing

Adobe CS Pricing

Creative Cloud Pricing

Creative Cloud Pricing

The Programs You Get

The Programs You Get

In addition they have some cloud storage & collaboration features that I’m not interested in using but its there.

Get Adobe For Free

The web was buzzing the other day when it was announced that Adobe was releasing their CS2 product (from 2005) for free to anyone who wanted to download it. Sadly this isn’t quite the case.

What actually happened was Adobe announced it would be shutting down the activation server, so pretty much if you had a serial key that was valid to the program it wouldn’t be able to reach out to a 3rd party to verify it works. Therefore allowing the program to be installed.

So although you can’t quite download it for free legally, no one is really going to stop you.

You can get all the details on this Slickdeals post (serials included).


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