Why Would Anyone TRUST a Brand Advertiser?

by Mike Chiasson on June 14, 2011 · 1 comment


What Local Agencies Want to Know

If you have been working with affiliate marketing and direct response campaigns at all then you’ve probably learned to guard your money well. Its pretty easy to have a campaign get out of control pretty quick and be down hundreds if not thousands of dollars. As someone who is trying to sell an item Here and Now you understand the value of getting a return on your money.

Something that has always puzzled me is why traditional businesses don’t think like this…

There are VERY few businesses that shouldn’t be targeting users for direct response. I really can’t even think of any off hand. What the hell would be the point of advertising if you didn’t want to make a sale then and there. To me the only reason why people wouldn’t do this is because they can’t!

It seems each and every day I meet local ad agencies and local website designers who ‘specialize’ in advertising. Yet they don’t give a crap about getting immediate results. They typically pitch everything in a future state plan to their customers. Using statements like below:

  • We want to build a brand…
  • Have your name in their head, for next time they are ready…
  • People will see your name…
  • Its not about making a sale…

These are all bullshit statements that are only being said because your ad agency isn’t willing to stand behind the campaign they are working for. This could be for many reasons but basically boils down to a few possibilities. Its really important that you as a business owner or employee purchasing the service can identify WHY you aren’t generating immediate ROI or lead generation.

Your Ad Agency Sucks

If you are working with some horrible agency to do your campaigns they aren’t even going to pitch any sort of direct response campaign. These people have been selling big projects with next to nothing results for so many years they really just don’t have a clue as to what the value of a dollar is. This is what I would say 95% of local companies do because they aren’t good enough to take accountability. If you are working with an agency or designers that can’t help you get into direct response then you should just ditch them. Clearly the only person they care about making money in your relationship is them.

Your Products or Sevices Suck

Bottom line, if you have a crappy product or service, you aren’t going to be able to sell it. Some agencies aren’t as stupid as I make them out to be and they will quickly realize that any campaign they do for you is going to net a big fat fucking goose egg ($0). They typically then rely heavily on the statements above to try and convince you that you should atleast give them some money before you go bankrupt.

You Suck Too Much To Make a Sale

I personally have dealt with companies that considered various direct response campaigns too risky for their business. They thought incentives were too high, margins would be too slim, and the results wouldn’t be worth their effort. If you are an organization that has no idea how much a customer is worth to you…THIS WILL BE YOU. You can’t really do any serious marketing if you can’t understand what the value of a customer is going to be.

Next Time You Are Going To Invest In A Large Campaign

Don’t listen to some idiot who is going to tell you how successful their customers have become. Just because some landscaper was busting his ass and cranking out great quality work for customers doesn’t mean the agency’s ads did the client any good.

Look into doing a direct response campaign where you have a goal in mind, whether it be XX in sales, or doing direct lead gen, building an email list, getting facebook likes, etc. GET SOMETHING!

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