Why You Should Install an SSL Certificate On Your Server

by Mike Chiasson on January 3, 2013 · 2 comments

I got inspired to do a few write ups on SSL certs. Here is a quick summary of some of the benefits of SSL certs for internet marketers.

What Is An SSL?

Well in summary it stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’. You can read a whole bunch of greatness on the TLS SSL Wikipedia Page. Many people understand it as the capability of making your website be able to be loaded with ‘HTTPS’ as opposed to ‘HTTP’. Well, anyone can do that anyway but with an SSL cert install you won’t get a security warning. In addition to that, web traffic typically then gets sent on port 443 as opposed to the regular port 80. What you need to know though as an internet marketer is it provides a few key benefits to you.

Allow Viewable HTTPS Content

If you are using Prosper202 and you need to place a pixel as a remote server you will often see things like below. If you don’t have an SSL cert, your pixel to track conversions in Prosper202 may not work, or depending on your network the user might get a weird prompt stating “you are about to view insecure content, do you wish to continue?” when they try and load your pixel. A viewer would get a message like this if the offer uses HTTPS and your pixel is plain HTTP.

Non SSL/HTTPS Content Being Loaded on an SSL Page

Non SSL/HTTPS Content Being Loaded on an SSL Page

Secure HTTPS Pixels

Secure HTTPS Pixels required by many affiliate network offers.


Having an SSL Certificate Installed on Your Server WILL Make Your Login More Secure.

This is going to be a little hard for some people to understand but if you login to a website that is like http://myprosperdomain.com vs the https version, https://myprosperdomain.com, the one with the SSL cert (the https version) is going to be a more secure way of sending your login information to the server. 99% of you users are home do not need to worry about this fact, but in reality if you login to anything that isn’t using https, anyone using network sniffing tools that is on your network can see your username and password in plain text.

I’ll do a blog post in the future on this (probably after Affiliate Summit West – Jan 13′). Needless to say this is why many people refuse to go on wifi networks at places they don’t know, to protect their login details. Please don’t be terrified of this but its a truth you need to understand is a possibility if someone on a network you are on is doing any basic security scanning they can see data that is not protect by an SSL.

Increased Trust For Any Landing Pages

SSL Lock Icon

SSL Lock Icon

If you host your landing pages on a server using an SSL cert you can send them to the HTTPS version and you get a handy little icon in most browsers that makes people feel all safe.

Most SSLs Are The Same

Verisign trusted icon

Verisign trusted icon

Although many people take the time to use logos to add credability to their sites and make people feel safe. In reality almost all SSLs (for our purposes) are exactly the same. I recommend GoDaddy for SSLs as they can be purchased pretty cheap compared to others. I get GoDaddy certs for $12.99 a year while I’ve had corporate clients use VeriSign at $300 a year for the same benefits. I’ll go more into this in my next blog post explaining how to install an SSL cert for a Prosper202 server.

UPDATE: Also Check Out

Looking to install an SSL Cert on your server? Be sure to check out my next post  How to Install an SSL Cert.

Nana Gilbert-Baffoe also brought up Two Reasons To Install SSL for Your Prosper202 setup.


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Alex January 3, 2013 at 7:45 pm

Thanks for doing a post on SSL’s. I’ve been thinking about adding it in my tracking and landing page domains (I probably have no choice to add it everywhere if I want things to run smoothly). I’m not sure how much it would affect me, I do mostly PPC on facebook and POF currently but it’s cheap so I probably should just do it if it can help even 1-2% more overall revenue over the year.

Looking forward to the other articles on SSL!

Mike Chiasson January 3, 2013 at 8:24 pm

Stay tuned. Doing a walk through shortly on installing on man 🙂

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