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Do you want to protect yourself from training failures? Do you want to get more out of IT certification than a meaningless slip of paper?

The vital information you need to assure the success of your next training program is included in our valuable reports. These reports will assure your training events are truly excellent and cost effective – every time.


HOTT's Training Catalog
Our catalog is a comprehensive listing of our IT course curriculum. This helpful reference guide provides an in-depth look at each training class as well as opportunities for industry certification, money-saving discount packages, and our 100% money-back guarantee.

White Papers

Authoritative, informed, formal, original thought and research.
Original, perceptive, on-the-money cogitation from the professionals at HOTT.


Facts, wisdom, opinion, and trends.
Stay up to date with some of the best independent thinking on corporate training.


Why Choose HOTT?
This document explains how we deliver consistently excellent, cost-effective, and convenient training – every time.

IT Training: Can Distance Learning Be Effective?
This document explains how HOTT’s Remote Attendance option provides an effective and enjoyable classroom learning experience. There's no need to settle for the shortcomings of e-learning and virtual classrooms.

Six Questions You Must Ask
This report reveals the questions you must ask to assure the success of your training programs – every time.

Government Employees

Value Statement
HOTT value summary for government employees.


Benefits of Employee Cross-Training
This infographic reveals the many benefits of training an employee to become skilled at several positions within a workplace.

Benefits of HOTT's Remote Attendance Option
There's "virtual training" and then there's remote attendance the HOTT way. We do distance learning right.

The Case for Training ROI
Your employer needs you to stay up to date in information technology - the case for training ROI.

Convenience and Service
This infographic summarizes how HOTT provides consistently excellent, cost-effective, and convenient training – every time.

Six Questions You Must Ask
This infographic reveals the questions you must ask to ensure your training will be excellent, successful, and build competence – every time.

Train to Be an IT Superhero
Train with HOTT to become an IT Superhero!

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