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On-Demand Training Student Testimonials

Below are examples of student feedback we have received at HOTT for our on-demand training option.

I am new to programming in general and SQL Programming. I really appreciate how well the instructor followed up with me and answered my detailed list of questions and made sure the SQL scripts ran correctly so my data results in class were accurate. The videos effectively break down the course materials. I was challenged and always interested.
– J.O.

I have recommended HOTT to several co-workers. The course was excellent. This must be the first course I have ever taken where the instructor's lessons matched exactly with the training material. You guys did a great job.
– J.H.

Thanks for the training, I learned a lot and will be using it in my current job in the future. I liked the on demand approach. I was able to replay portions of the course and also spend more time on the labs. Thanks so much!
– J.D.

The instructor in the video was very thorough and clearly explained the material. I enjoyed taking this course and also enjoyed the flexibility of taking it via video at my own pace.
– S.E.

I enjoyed the course. The videos were informative and easy to follow. Manuals and other supporting aids were comprehensive and easy to follow. Will be a good reference guide in the future.
– J.H.

This was my first on-demand training course and I was very pleased with the results upon completing. The instructor seemed very knowledgeable and the pace of the course was good. With on-demand training, it was a nice option to just start a module over as a review. For those with busy schedules this would be a great option.
– B.L.

Great introduction to C# and Visual Studio. I was able to use VS 2015 Pro and 2017 Community Edition (at home) and still work through the exercises. The remote server was very responsive so I was able to check my work on VS 2012 while submitting it. I have a mainframe background and this course had me creating apps and implementing object oriented solutions by the time I finished. I'm looking forward to continuing with more advanced courses.
– A.H.

I really liked the on-demand format. It allowed me do prioritize the coursework with other work that I needed to get done, instead of dropping all other work for a week. It also allowed me to do the lectures and labs at a pace which were comfortable for me, instead of being slowed down or rushed by the rest of the class. The one-on-one time with the facilitator was also very useful, particularly for answering questions which were peripheral to the class but important to my use case.
– T.M.

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